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I have been dealing in special and exotic cars / parts my whole life and this site is a culmination of this fact. Growing up in The Netherlands, my first car was a 1750 Alfa Romeo Bertone Coupe; then a Porsche 911 and they kept coming from then on.

I started my first Classic Car company (Memory Lane Oldtimer garage) in my twenties and built it into one of the most prolific ones in Western Europe. Sadly it got arson-ed by a pyromaniac on September 11 2001 (yes, how ironic isn't it???) who got triggered by the NY attacks. My business was gone so I had to let my employees go; soon after I moved to California where I already had all my contacts and continued the work there.

Because of my life long experience in this field I now restore exotic / rare cars in my small California shop and still perform pre-purchase inspections (PPI) on specialty vehicles for a living (WWW.MEMORYLANECARS.COM). The site you're on now is mainly a service to people who requested availability to certain rare parts as I need to source them anyway for my restorations. 

By using the German spinner tools in my own shop I learned there is NOTHING comparable on the market and wanted to open the American market for them. Sales are now going steady, I noticed once people actually handle these tools they agree they are a class on their own. Yes, these are not cheap but in the end they pay for themselves. Have a look around and just contact me for any questions that might arise.

Thank you,
Maurice Mentens